Announcing ContentBoxer 1.2

Today, we launched several big improvements and changes to, including:

  • Embed Code Builder! Embed Code Builder lets you put ContentBoxer forms, or a list of ContentBoxes on your own site!
  • Content Box Email Marketing Integration! If you use Contactology or Mailchimp for your email marketing, you can use the Site Integration settings (linked from Box settings) to make information from each new registrant to a Content Box be automatically added to an email list. If you use another email marketing service, let us know which one it is. We’ll be adding additional sites in the near future.
  • Redesigned Box Manager! We’ve re-ordered the columns, renamed a couple, and did some general tweaking in the box manager. Let us know what you think!
  • A whole mess of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and user interface upgrades.

Enjoy, and please leave a comment if you have any additional requests or if you notice something that’s not right.


Announcing ContentBoxer 1.1

We’re rolling out a whole bunch of user-requested features today! Here’s a list of some of the bigger ones:

  • Box ordering. The Box Settings page now has an “Order” field where you can enter any positive or negative integer. When your boxes are displayed in a group, this number is used to sort them.
  • Disable registration. Set disable registration to “Yes” to allow people to access the content in a box without registering. Anonymous statistics are still gathered for the user, allowing you to see how many times the content was accessed.
  • Disable box image. Set disable box image to “Yes” to hide the image associated with your content box.
  • Scheduled Publish / Unpublish. These are date fields (on the Box Settings page) that, if set, will be used to determine whether or not a Content Box is active.
  • Box Clone: a simple button in the Box Manager that allows you to make a copy of a ContentBox’s settings to create a new Content Box.
  • Tags: a new field for entering a comma-separated list of keywords associated with your ContentBox. These keywords are used for search engine optimization and to create custom RSS feeds.

Each of these new features came from user feedback we’ve gotten since our beta launch. Are there any new features you’d like to see or do you have ideas for how we can improve existing features? Let us know!

ContentBoxer: Now Even FASTER!

Today, I spent several hours shaving about half a second off  our average load time! By my measurements, we’re now at somewhere around .29 – .33 seconds for the homepage to load. According to Google, this puts us among the 1-2% of fastest sites! Once we start getting serious amounts of traffic, we’ll have to make some hardware upgrades to stay this fast, but we’ve got a great foundation now.

Here’s a chart showing ContentBoxer compared to several other sites:

and here’s another good one:

and one more, just for fun!

What is ContentBoxer? What is it good for?

My friends and family all know that I’ve been working extra-long hours for the last 6 months or so, and that I’ve stepped that up to super-extra-long hours for the last month or so. But, I’m pretty sure that only a handful of people know what we’ve been building and what it’s good for. As my mom said, “I got the email about your site, but I’m sure it’s too technical for me.” Not so, Mom! Even if you don’t have a use for ContentBoxer right now, it’s pretty easy to understand.

“ContentBoxer lets you share any type of digital content (such as documents, music, video, and images) in exchange for personal information (such as name, address, favorite ice cream flavor, and so on).”

There are plenty of sites out there that let you share digital content – for example, Facebook, Flickr, Myspace, and so forth. There are also plenty of sites that let you create custom forms and surveys. What ContentBoxer does is to tie the two types of sites together and combine it with the back-end reporting software we’ve developed over the last 6 years and used on hundreds of projects for our publishing clients.

While our initial focus is on satisfying a need for self-service user registration forms for our publishing clients, we’ve also created a free version of ContentBoxer that you can experiment with today for any purpose you can think of! Some of the ideas we’ve come up with for using this service include:

* For musicians – post songs and gather email addresses from people who download them

* For realtors – require people to give you their contact information before viewing your listings

* For authors – self-publish your ebook, or give away a sample chapter

I’m positive that there are thousands of uses for ContentBoxer that we haven’t imagined yet. I’m looking forward to seeing what our users come up with!

Minnick Web Services launches ContentBoxer Beta!

The public beta version of is live now! ContentBoxer represents over 6 years of work here at MWS to create a self-service registration and content hosting system.

The core components of ContentBoxer have been used on hundreds of projects over the last 6 years, including for eBooks, videos, microsites, mobile sites, and digital editions.

We created ContentBoxer with business – to – business and niche magazine publishers in mind, but it can be used by anyone who has content they want to make available on the Internet, but who might be short on infrastructure or IT staff to make it happen.

With ContentBoxer, you can simply upload your content, specify what information you want users to provide before they can download it, and then go live! Once people start registering and downloading your content, you can get real-time registrant data and user activity reports.

The introductory plan for ContentBoxer is FREE, and you can use it for as long as you like and collect an unlimited number of registrants — as long as you don’t mind that we serve ads on your download pages. Upgraded plans remove the ads and give you access to additional customization options and the ability to create more Content Boxes.

We’re very excited about ContentBoxer, and I’m sure that you will be too once you try it out and see how much potential it has for saving you money while providing a very useful service much faster than any other solution you’ve worked with previously. Put Your Content to Work!

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